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President's Message
Gail Massey Prince
TASPA President

TASPA's 2015 president addresses the general membership at the TASPA/TAEE Winter Conference>>Read Message

"Help, I'm Having a Crisis!..."
Lots of employees face a financial crisis at some point in their careers. Like most districts, Plano ISD offers various benefits including leave options and an employee assistance program. But, Plano ISD also provides an Employee Crisis Fund to assist monetarily for qualifying emergency situations.

Using Criminal History Records to Make Personnnel Decisions
Attorney, Amber King, discusses A common practice among employers is to use an individual's criminal history information in making an employment decision.

NCTQ Releases Eighth Annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook
Texas is ahead of most states in alignment of teacher preparation with college- and career-readiness standards.


TASPA Administrator Awards Presented
TASPA Administrator Award recipients were announced at the TASPA/TAEE Winter Conference.


TRTA Reviews Final TRS-Care Sustainability Study
The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) finalized its sustainability study of the TRS-Care retiree health insurance program.

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