Member Spotlight: Dr. Tamey Williams-HIll

Some of the biggest challenges for school HR administrators today are finding quality healthcare options and coverage at reasonable premium rates, providing quality wellness programs to address employee mental health, and managing employee appropriate use of social media.

Prior to 2012, districts were able to use their healthcare plans and contributions as part of their recruitment and compensation plans. Over the past five years, employee healthcare costs have skyrocketed leaving many school districts with fewer coverage options and/or rising premiums which have had an impact on employee and district contributions. Districts have had to become creative with marketing their healthcare plans as a positive benefit for prospective employees.

Next, many school districts have experienced an increase in employees seeking assistance for mental health concerns. The past few years, districts have ramped up their focus on providing quality employee wellness programs and have tapped into their insurance plans to provide additional benefits to employees. For example, some insurers will provide a monetary allowance for districts to use on employee fitness and wellness.

Last, social media has its benefits and restrictions. Clearly communicating expectations about social media use to all employees is not only an HR responsibility but also a direct supervisor responsibility. HR administrators have shared that a good portion of their new employee orientation focuses on appropriate and inappropriate social media use. District administrators have had to proactively communicate the expectations of professional social media usage and make it a collaborative effort among all departments.

Dr. Tamey Williams-Hill is the Executive Director of Finance and Human Resources for Del Valle ISD where she oversees the Business, Human Resources, and Child Nutrition departments. She has previously taught secondary English, served as an assistant principal, and has served various roles within Human Resources departments in education. She began her career in education 17 years ago and currently serves as the District III Representative for the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators.

It was a pleasure visiting with and learning more about Dr. Tamey Williams-Hill and her service to Del Valle ISD as well as to TASPA.  We look forward to learning more about our TASPA members' accomplishments.  If you would like to recommend a fellow TASPA member to be spotlighted in our next edition of TASPA HR Connection, please contact Chandelle Crane.

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