President's Message - May 2019

TASPA President
Johjania Najera
Executive Director of Human Resources
Keller ISD

In preparing this message, I think about my friends who often ask me, “when is your slow time of the year?” TASPA and its small but mighty team has not had the luxury of any slow time. As one school year closes, preparations have already begun for the upcoming year.

During these preparations, numerous workshops continue to take place. In addition, we continue to provide support to the many members who reach out by phone or email. We must all thank Dr. Lolly Guerra and her dedicated team for their amazing support to all our members.

How about you and your team? Between the Legislative Year, staffing, contracts, new hires, budgets, job fairs, adverse contracts, investigations, grievances, accommodations and many other tasks, there does not seem to be lots of down time.

Most people have no idea about the amount of services that you and your teams provide for your school district. The question is, have you taken the time to appreciate all that you do?
The services that you provide daily matter. They can also, from time to time, take a toll on you mentally, physically and emotionally. I encourage you to take a moment to breathe. Have a meaningful conversation with a friend or loved one. Take a quiet walk. Most importantly however, make time to laugh and have fun outside of the office!

Our Summer Conference is a great time to reconnect and recharge. I look forward to seeing you there!

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