President's Message - May 2018

TASPA President
Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp
Director of Human Resources
Pearland ISD

I absolutely love my job, but it’s this time of year that really tries to see how many items I can juggle at once. Contracts, resignations, transfers, hiring, benefits renewals, salaries, staffing, budget meetings…whew; so exhausting. That said I have a challenge for us. During the time, until we see each other again (July Summer Conference) let us focus on the why. Why do we do all the HR things we do? Why do we stay late to answer emails? Why do we work in the evenings at home? Why do we take calls first thing before we leave the house? I know why I do what I do, but don’t tell me your answer until we see each other. Purpose is important to a healthy life, which is why I encourage each one of you to find your HR purpose, make your HR mark and through your participation as a TASPA member leave the HR profession better than you found it.

See you this summer, Sundie.

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