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Get to Know TASPA's New President

Christie Volmer
TASPA 2016 President

I am excited and honored for this opportunity to serve as the TASPA Board President. TASPA is an amazing organization with a Vision of Learning, Leading and Making a Difference. A Mission to engage and develop Human Resource professionals by enhancing HR services in school districts.



Documentation and Growth Plan
Debbie Esterak, Attorney with Roger, Morris & Grover, discusses how a well-developed teacher growth plan encourages positive change and provides the necessary support to achieve that change.


  No More Cattle Calls
Learn how Mansfield ISD interviews 700 applicants via a formal district-wide Job Fair in two days. Candidates leave with a district orientation, two campus interviews and sometimes a job.


Do We Really Help Teachers Get Better?
TNTP released a new report in August on professional development for teachers entitled Mirage: Confronting the Hard Truth About Our Quest for Teacher Development. This two year study indicates that despite the large amounts of money spent on professional development, there is no evidence that teachers  improve substantially from year to year or that any particular type or kind of professional development consistently helps them get better.  Read Executive Summary

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