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TASPA/TAEE 2016 Winter Conference Topic Sessions

Building Teacher Career Pathways
Cindy Clegg
TASB HR Services
The teacher pipeline continues shrinking while we continue to focus teacher pay on years of service. Strategic and systemic change is needed to attract and retain teachers for the future. Come and learn more about the changes needed and how some innovative school districts are breaking with tradition by accelerating teacher pay faster and building more career opportunities.

New Overtime Regulations Under the FLSA
Juan Cruz
Jaime Garcia

Learn how the new overtime regulations will affect all school districts and how to adjust employees accordingly. This session will provided up-to-date information on these new regulations with tips on how to avoid getting fined or sued. In addition to covering new overtime rules, learn how to increase managerial performance, reduce operational costs, avoid legal claims, and ensure compliance with other federal and state employment laws. The new overtime rules will take effect December 1, 2016.

Paperless Interview Process
Rudy Campoya
Dr. Miguel Serrano

Socorro ISD
This session will provide an overview of how Socorro ISD has saved thousands of dollars and time in conducting paperless interviews. This approach has been more effective and efficient in Talent Acquisition for the District.

Developing Leaders through Career Pathways

Sandra Moore
Richardson ISD
Richardson ISD Human Resources Department, with input from RISD stakeholders, developed a Career Pathways Model where administrators and classroom teachers in RISD are provided an opportunity to extend their reach beyond the classroom. Administrators and teachers who aspire to grow in their profession are provided with leadership and career advancement opportunities through Career Pathways. Career Pathways provides formal recognition through defined leadership roles and additional compensation that incent administrators and teachers to remain in RISD. The RISD Career Pathways model provides leadership and compensation opportunities in the following capacities:
• Teacher
• Teacher Leader
• Campus Specialist
• District Specialist
• Administration
Come learn how we implemented this model from start to finish!

TRS Update on Health Care Plans
Merita Zoga
TRS will provide an update on ActiveCare and discuss the upcoming legislative session.

Who Wants to be an FLSA expert?
April Mabry
Matthew Levitt

Are you an expert in all things related to the Fair Labor Standards Act? Test your knowledge on the details of the FLSA, including the most recent rule changes, in this interactive and fun game. Seasoned HR professionals can confirm their expert status, and those newer to HR can expand their knowledge, through an engaging and educational trivia game.

T-TESS: Addressing Teacher Performance

Sylvia Hoyer
North East ISD
As we've transitioned into the new T-TESS appraisal system for our first year, many campus administrators wondered how we would address teacher performance now that there is no TINA within the T-TESS process. This session will provide you with insight on how we created our own internal process to addressing teacher performance specifically for those that struggle and/or show little to no progress in they development with their teaching practices.

Top 10 Things HR Should Share with their Board of Trustees
Amy Campbell
Karen Dooley

The interaction between HR staff and school board members should be more than just closed session discussions about employee relations issues. HR is responsible for a wide range of topics their board members should know about. Ensuring that an employee is well taken care of, so that they can meet student needs in their role is at the top of the list. Highlighting data and trends can also show the impact that HR has on the overall function of the district as a learning organization. This session will cover the top 10 things HR staff should present to their board each year, along with helpful tips for presenting information in clear, concise, and informative ways.

Bryan ISD's "BEST" Teacher Compensation Plan
Leroy Morales
Carol Cune

Bryan ISD
Bryan's Excellence for Students and Teachers (BEST) program is designed to reward teachers for campus and classroom performance. Classroom teacher pay in Bryan ISD is getting an ample dose of innovation, thanks to the new BEST compensation plan. The innovative new pay structure consist of an upgraded teacher base pay and available incentives tied to student achievement performance, hard-to-fill teaching assignments, and other criteria aimed at boosting student success and improving teacher retention.

Temporary or Independent? What's the Difference?
Anna Koenig
Ronnie Elmore
Cory McClendon

Frisco ISD
Concerned about misclassification of employees? Afraid of being flagged by the IRS? Are payroll and HR in a tizzy? In this session, you will learn how to properly classify employees as either temporary or independent contractors, utilize effective processes, and train staff to ensure district compliance.


HR Legal "Look Fors"
Erik Lokken

Little Elm ISD
A second dose of the presentation first given at the Summer 2016 Conference. When campuses have questions about legal documents, the first place they tend to call is HR. During this session, we will dissect a divorce decree, child custody order, and a temporary restraining order (TRO) to give you a better idea of what to look for so you can answer questions or decide to call your district's attorney.


Key Insights from Gallup's 'Women in America: Work and Life Well-Lived' Study
Jenny Geiler, Gallup
Despite more than 5 million available jobs, women are leaving the labor force in troubling numbers. Learn about what Gallup's meta-analysis tells us women look for in an ideal place to work and how districts can contribute to wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom. Participants will reflect on current practices and walk away with data and practical ideas to create a culture that attracts, retains and engages top talent.


Position Management
Rick Rodriguez, Lubbock ISD
Calvin Williams, Prologic

Using Position Management


Arrest, or Conduct Underlying Arrest? Is it Just Semantics? Guidance for Investigations Triggered by an Arrest, Indictment, or Conviction
Chad Timmons, Attorney Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Hullett, P.C.
While an employee's arrest record alone may not justify an adverse employment action by a public employer, the conduct underlying an employee's arrest may. According to the EEOC, this distinction is not mere semantics--improper discipline of an employee with an arrest record can lead to disparate impact liability. This presentation will explain the EEOC's most recent guidelines on using the conduct underlying an employee's arrest to justify an adverse employment action, and provide participants with the knowledge necessary to properly conduct an investigation triggered by an arrest, indictment, or conviction.


Nudge, Nudge...Do You Aspire to Inspire Leadership?
Christie Gates, Sheldon ISD
Kristi Amarantos, Sheldon ISD

Do you remember the person in your life that encouraged you to become a leader? It probably started with a gentle nudge from someone you respected and admired...right? Now it is your turn to give back! Sheldon I.S.D. is in the second year of implementing an Aspiring Leadership Institute (ALI) in order to identify our top talent and encourage them to develop their leadership skills. The "grow your own" program targets teachers who are looking to become teacher leaders, mentors, curriculum & instruction coaches, and aspiring administrators. Join us and learn the simple steps to implementing your own leadership institute!

Keys to Conquering the Dreaded Contract Season!
Christie Gates, Sheldon ISD
Kristi Amarantos, Sheldon ISD

Let’s face it...contract season can be a bit overwhelming, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Learn how we have moved from an archaic paper based system to an electronic contract process that includes everything from implementing an appraisal timeline for administrators, a file review process, data meetings, and electronic contract dissemination!


Model for Documentation with T-TESS
Lisa Adams, Temple ISD
Christine Parks, Temple ISD

With T-TESS now in full swing across Texas, this session addresses a plan to ensure that T-TESS remains the coaching instrument for which it is designed. The Curriculum and Instruction Department has developed a plan to move from the T-TESS into a Coaching Plan should the need arise for struggling teachers at Temple ISD. The coaching plan replaces the mandated TINA or Growth Plan related to PDAS and aligns with the coaching model in T-TESS. An additional step is part of the model, as well, when there is a lack of improvement through the coaching plan. This presentation was given during the summer conference and was requested as a repeat for this conference.

The Why's and How's of Social Media for HR Professionals
April Mabry, TASB
Amanda Quraishi, TASB

Are you standing on the edge or ready to take the plunge? Do you know how to use a #hashtag effectively? Social media is everywhere and is an effective tool to reach applicants, engage employees, share relevant information about your district, and network with colleagues. Join a digital media specialist and HR professional who will help new and experienced users understand the value of social media for HR uses and learn how to implement strategies that meets their level of experience.

Creating a Safe, More Compliant and Inclusive School Environment
Andrew Deitschel, SafeSchools
Scenario Learning is a leading developer of award-winning safety and compliance solutions. From SafeSchools Training to our latest program, Exceptional Child, we're helping to create safer and more inclusive schools. We offer web-based solutions for employee training, bullying/incident reporting, accident reporting, SDS management and Special Education-related professional development for the education market. "SafeSchools Training is simply the best! Being able to assign courses, track completions, and manage compliance in one easy to use system saves our district countless hours of training time and money!" Come learn how we have saved schools in Texas and across the country $$$Millions$$$ and the importance of training and tracking ALL school employees. Lots of fun giveaways!

Improving Student Learning – The Solution to Filling Absences in School Districts
Fred Bentsen, Source 4 Teachers
In today’s educational landscape, it has become increasingly necessary to provide students with effective, consistent education, even in the absence of district staff. Year after year, districts are challenged with hiring enough qualified substitute talent to meet their needs. Without a substantial enough substitute pool to cover employee absences, districts are forced to consider unappealing options such as combining classrooms or sacrificing teacher preparation time for classroom coverage. These options come at significant financial cost, and more importantly, at the cost of student productivity and engagement. Taking a step toward improved student experience, Fred Bentsen will highlight and share best practices on how districts can increase their fill rate.


What if HR Solutions Played Well with Others?
Jennifer Reynolds, Education Inside Sales Representative, Frontline Education
Frustrated with HR systems that don’t talk to each other (let alone play nice)? Realizing the serious impact that may be having on the classroom experience? Join this informative session to learn how the right solutions bring systems and information together to activate your district’s potential. By bridging gaps between systems and departments, you can gain insights that equip you to make the best decisions for your teachers, staff and students.

TAEE Best Practices

Reshaping old ideas anew and creating future new ideas.  Join your TAEE colleagues as we share new twists, angles, and approaches in providing phenomenal programming.


Mining T-TESS Data for Focused Professional Development
Melva V. Cárdenas, Regional Strategic Advisor, PeopleAdmin
Bernadette Gerace, Director of Human Resources, Prosper ISD

Building teacher capacity can be accomplished by providing targeted professional development. Analytics help when making data-driven decisions about professional development offerings. Learn how one district is mining data from T-TESS reports/analytics in order to effectively plan professional development and to coach and guide teachers.

TEA certfication update
Dr. Tim Miller, Director of Educator Preparation & Program Accountability, Texas Education Agency
Marilynn Cook, Director of Education Certification & Testing, Texas Education Agency

Join Dr. Miller and Marilynn Cook in this 2 part session as they discuss the latest TEA certification updates.


Preparing for Action: Investigating Employee Conduct Prior to Employment Action
Melanie Gregg Charleston, Attorney, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.
Haley Turner, Attorney, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.

Investigations come in all shapes and sizes. This session will focus on how to conduct an effective and thorough personnel investigation, with specific emphasis on obtaining evidence to support employment action, including nonrenewal or termination of a contract.

Strategic Staffing for High-Needs Schools: Attracting, Selecting, and Retaining Top Talent
Denise Ware, Senior Manager, Recruitment & Selection, Houston ISD
Shonda Tindall, Manager, Recruitment & Selection, Houston ISD

The Strategic Staffing Initiative (SSI) is a strategic program offered by Human Resources in close collaboration with the Office of School Leadership & Development to assist some of Houston Independent School District’s most challenging campuses in attracting and retaining the best teacher candidates for their scholars. The SSI program is designed to increase early teacher hiring outcomes through differentiated support and enhanced hiring resources.


Teach Forward Houston: Grow Your Own Teacher Pipeline

Denise Ware, Senior Manager, Recruitment & Selection, Houston ISD
Shonda Tindall, Manager, Recruitment & Selection, Houston ISD

Are you interested in your best and brightest students returning as a classroom teacher on the front lines of education? In an effort to staff Houston Independent School District (HISD) with highly effective teachers who have a vested interest in improving their community through education, HISD has partnered with the University of Houston’s College of Education. In this session, you will learn about program implementation, program funding, student recruitment and selection, collaborative academic advising, curriculum adaptations, and program supports.

Form I-9 Compliance for HR of School Districts
Tatiana Dennis, Attorney, Whittenburg & Strange, P.C.
Federal law prohibits U.S. employers from hiring and employing workers for employment in the United States who lack employment authorization. Employers are also prohibited from continuing to employ an individual knowing that he or she is or has become unauthorized for employment. The law also prohibits employers from hiring or re-hiring someone for employment in the United States without verifying his or her identity and employment authorization on Form I-9. Penalties for violating this law range from civil fines to criminal penalties and debarment from government contracts. This workshop will deal with common misconceptions about Form I-9 and will offer practical advice to HR on properly completing and retaining Forms I-9 as well as avoiding common errors and traps.


Effective Teamwork: Pairing EPP & Career Services
Arica Castleberry, Sam Houston State University
Janet Williams, Sam Houston State University

Effective teamwork has been instrumental in preparing teacher candidates for the job search after graduation from SHSU. This program will address the challenges we faced in addressing student and district needs and how the EPP and Career Services joined forces in preparing teachers for the workforces.

FMLA, TDL and Worker’s Comp: Managing Employee Leave and Absence
Karla Schultz, Attorney, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.
Ann Mewhinney, Attorney, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo & Kyle P.C.

An overview and discussion of employee leave issues facing HR professionals. Two experiences school attorneys will guide you through the challenges raised when employees are absent from work, and their various forms of leave and benefits intersect with one another.


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