Nathan Maxwell
Executive Director of Personnel and Administrative Services
Pampa ISD

Pampa ISD is a 4A district with 7 campuses and approximately 3,600 students.


The #pampaproud! campaign is a deliberate and coordinated effort to engage the Pampa ISD students, school faculties, and administration with our community to develop authentic relationships among all stakeholders and to promote the great things happening in Pampa schools! #pampaproud! seeks to spotlight the efforts of those who work extremely hard every day on behalf of our students and our community. There are three avenues through which this campaign has effectively engaged the Pampa community in its first year of implementation:

  • Social Media: The #pampaproud! social media campaign encourages district staff to share pictures and stories from their campus. These social media posts highlight student achievements and learning throughout the school year. Inspiring stories give the Pampa community a glimpse into the classroom and the incredible work that is taking place on a daily basis. Prizes are awarded periodically through the year that have been donated from local businesses, which provides both recognition for the district employees as well as the local businesses.
  • Student Ambassadors: Another platform for the #pampaproud! campaign is our Student Ambassadors. Representatives from every campus ranging from 4th grade through 12th grade were selected to form a student leadership team. These students represent the entire PISD student body at community and school special events, civic organizations, and school activities. They have been mentored through the year on the fundamentals of leadership. It is our goal to train students who are future ready and will have a positive impact on the Pampa schools, our community, and beyond.
  • VIPS (Volunteers in Pampa Schools): #pampaproud! has enlisted the support of parents, civic organizations, churches, and businesses through our VIPS (Volunteers In Pampa Schools). We are now approaching 300 registered VIPS who are actively engaged in volunteering time and money to the #pampaproud! campaign. Each of the VIPS have registered with PampaISD, and have been vetted through background checks. VIPS may choose a specific campus on which they will volunteer, or our Public Relations/Community Engagement department seeks to match them with a campus according to their abilities and availability.

The first-year efforts of #pampaproud! are yielding wonderful results throughout our community as more people are becoming aware of successes and needs in our schools, and a growing volunteer army stands ready to jump in and assist in supporting our ultimate goal of producing learners who are compassionate, competent, confident and future-ready! The conversation around our schools and among those we serve has changed to be one of purpose, passion, and pride!

We have recently highlighted this program at our Regional Service Center (ESC16) annual expo as an award-winning Best Practice program. We believe we were chosen for this honor because of the impact this campaign has had on our students, families, and community.

A short video explaining this campaign can be seen at the following link: http://www.esc16.net/page/2017%20Kickoff%20Best%20Practices%20-%20Pampa%20ISD


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